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We carry a wide range of residential cell booster kits to provide you with the product that is right for you. Kits are available in both 5Band and 8Band systems. At Nuwire Technologies we stand behind the products that we sell. If you aren't happy with your purchase we will work with you to get you the product that meets your needs. 


We understand that some people choose to perform self installs and others feel more comfortable having us professionally install the system for you. Because of this we offer both stand alone and installed pricing. If you choose to have us install our cell boosters for you we include a few upgrades automatically. Such as low loss LMR400 custom cabling lenght, J-pole for mounting the antenna, and we use speciallized rf meters to make sure we are getting the best signal possible.



There are many manufacturers of cell boosters. This can make it difficult to ensure you are making the right choice. At Nurwire Technologies we provide Surecall systems which are proven to give you the reliable coverage you need. 


The residential kits that we sell start at $699.99. Each comes with a Multi band directional antenna and 50' of LMR400 cable. Uprades are available to improve signal quality such as 8Band 5G kits, directional indoor antennas, j-pole antenna mount, and tripods for added height. 

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