Professional Series

The Professional Series lineup is designed for commercial applications and provides a fully customizable solution. Cameras are available up to 12MP and contain features such as 24Hr Full Color Video, Human and Vehicle Detection AI, Smart Events, various lens sizes and camera types. Additional features include facial detection, license plate capture, POS overlay and more. 






Professional Series Cameras are available with Acusense technology. With the use of artificial intelligence the cameras are able to determine the difference between a vehicle or a human and other objects such as animals, rain or snow, and clouds all which create false alarm notifications. 




ColorVu Technology is now the gold standard when it comes to lens types. Having the ability to capture full color video both day and night keeps images clearer and eliminates IR glow at night. 



TandemVu PTZ cameras are a game changer. The contain 2 cameras in one consisting of a panoramic stationary camera as well as a PTZ camera. This allows the field of view to remain intact while operating the PTZ. Optical zoom is available up to 42x allowing you to zoom in on an ogject and get a clear picture over large distances. These cameras also have the ability to use Smart tracking which isolates a target and follows the object as it moves throughout the area.

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